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Asia Brickell Key Condo
Year built: 2008

Units:123  Floors:40 Bedrooms

Brickell Key One condominium
Brickell Key One Condo
Year built: 1982
Floors:22   Units:316
Brickell Key One condominium
Brickell Key Two
Year Built: 1991
Floors:17   Units:395
Carbonell Brickell Key
Year built: 2005
 Units:286  Floors:40

Courts Brickell Key Condo
Year Built: 2002
Floors:34   Units:319
Courvoisier Courts Condominium
Courvoisier Courts Condo
Year built: 1997
Floors:28   Units:272
Isola Condominium
Isola Brickell Key Condo
Year Built: 1990

Floors:23   Units:300
St Louis Condominium
St Louis Brickell Key Condo
Year Built: 1995

Floors:31  Units:130
One Tequesta condominium
One Tequesta condo
Year Built: 1995

Floors:30   Units:289
Two Tequesta Condominium
Two Tequesta Condo
Year built 1999

Floors:40   Units:269
Three Tequesta Condominium
Three Tequesta Condo
Year Built: 2001

Floors:46   Units:238

The history of Brickell Key condominiums and real estate can be traced to 1896, when Henry Flagler had a 9-foot deep channel dug from the mouth of the Miami River. In the process, Mr. Flagler created an off-shore property composed of two small islands. In 1943, a real estate investor, Edward N. Claughton, Sr. acquired the Brickell Key islands and eventually purchased additional bay bottom land to combine them to a 44-acre triangle-shaped tract separated from the mansions of Miami's fashionable Brickell Avenue by only a few hundred feet of water.

In the late 1970s, Swire Properties purchased most of Brickell Key real estate properties from the Claughton, and began to put into place a master plan that would ultimately transform it into one of the most distinctive island communities in the world, Brickell Key Condos consist of eleven Condominiums at the present time with two office buildings and in the future the Mandarin residences condo.

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